Monday, 22 June 2009


they mourn the voice of Iran
but I heard only silence broken
by anguished screams embracing you
as final pumps pushed red horror
from nose and mouth

Neda, unrushed and acquiescing
you seemed to accept your fate
until your eyes revolting
shot upwards to stare
in terminal complaint

You were courageous and beautiful to the end.

Neda Soltani ( Persian: ندا سلطانی ; born 1982, died 20 June 2009; age 26–27)

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  1. Written in response to events in Iran, which I've been following closely, and after seeing the video of this woman's brutal death.

    Not for the squeamish, but if you want the context, here it is. It shows Neda's death, caught just after she has been shot in the chest. I hope her family will not disapprove of my link, and that her death is not in vain.