Thursday, 18 June 2009

Good Iranians and bad Iranians? It's not that simple Ali.

In an earlier blog, I noted Ayatollah Ali Khamenei's branding of protesters as "tension seekers". Well, new day, new label. They are now tension-seeking "vandals". Indeed the wise leader tells us that vandalizing public property is not even related to the presidential election:
"Such acts and vandalism and some crimes that were committed are not related to the candidates' supporters but to disturbers of peace and all should stand against them."
These are the 'bad' Iranians, and (unspoken) 'good' Iranians are urged to "stand against them" - code for what exactly?Now compare the Ayatollah's description of those charged with supervising the elections, not quite so black and white this time:
"Those in charge of supervising the elections are always trustworthy people, but this should not prevent an investigation into possible problems and clarifying the truth."
Forgive me, but isn't it disingenuous to suggest their possible failings are little more than natural consequences of their trustworthiness? Where did the cold, hard religious certainty of the earlier pronouncement disappear to in this description? But he has spoken, and therefore - he hopes - it shall be so.

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